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It's So Good To Meet You!

It's So Good To Meet You!

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At the age of 16 I realized that...

...I was desperately unhappy and that something had to give. I decided to leave high school and pursue opportunities in which I could learn how to learn, not be told what to think. This decision saw me move to England to pursue secondary education, travel to Prague to teach English to the Minister of Agriculture, and choose a career in the private yachting industry in which I was able to fine tune my critical thinking skills while traveling the world in high style. This willingness to change the way I think in pursuit of the life I want became a hallmark trait of mine and one that is integral to my fulfillment and self-actualization.

Yachting is a work hard, play hard industry. Unbeknownst to me, I became addicted to the lifestyle, and the stress hormones, and eventually I found myself living in Los Angeles with an alcoholic boyfriend and explosive bowel issues. After multiple visits to various types of medical professionals I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and told it was caused by stress. I couldn’t understand what they meant. Sure, I was in an unhappy relationship with an alcoholic, living in a city I didn’t like, and far from my family and friends. But I just wanted someone to tell me what was wrong with my body and how to fix it.

This cognitive dissonance lead me to

... diving head first into my spiritual awakening and journey of self-awareness. I wanted to understand why the unhappiness I had felt in my head and my heart had manifested in my body in the form of “stress”. I have spent the ensuing 15 years in the pursuit of that understanding. It started with a deep dive into myself and an examination of the human experience. This led to the study of neural reprogramming and brain plasticity along with energetic and somatic release work.

Three years ago I realized...
That I was feeling stuck and unhappy, specifically in the area of my job. It was time to stop building someone else's dreams and time to step into the life that I knew was waiting for me.

Ha ha ha, I laugh because at the time I didn't know what that life was. I just knew that I would never feel fulfilled until I gave in to whatever was inside of me. I didn't have another job lined up or a plan to pursue my own business, and I took the leap anyway. I had gone out on my own before but in the past I had always ended up retreating back to a J-O-B for reliable income. I thought I had been a failure at being an entrepreneur.

This time round I told myself

...I hadn't failed in the past, it had simply taken me that long and that many tries to get to where I wanted to be. It had all been part of my journey. I committed to myself that I wouldn't settle out of fear again. My biggest fear was of being broke and losing my home so I told myself that when that fear came up, I would acknowledge it and take action towards the future that I wanted because I trusted my ability to have that life.

Today I am proud to say that I am a success. I stayed the course, trusted myself, did the hard work of reprogramming my beliefs, and today have achieved more than I had even dreamed three years ago when I took the plunge.

Other people’s programs and paths to success didn’t work for me, I had to tune into my Self and figure out my path for myself. There were several ingredients to my personal recipe for success that were vital and then there is a whole lot that is unique to me and my needs. I won’t sell you my way. I will support you as you use the tools provided to tune into your personal radio station and discover your path to a life beyond your wildest dreams.

May we all live wild and free!



Rachel really engages her audience and provides excellent content that deliver results. She creates a space of learning where everyone feels comfortable to engage and shares a passionate place in her heart to help others. 


-Pamela Higgins
Holistic Health Coach and Health Coordinator, Lockheed Martin


Working with Rachel is the best thing I’ve ever done for my health. I’ve been struggling with chronic fatigue for over 3 years, and just 4 weeks of working with Rachel I’ve noticed a huge difference. I couldn’t have imagined how much difference Rachel’s program would make, in such a short period of time.

-Nicola Carter, Marketing professional turned Psychotherapist


Rachel’s teaching approach was informative, enthusiastic and engaging. I so enjoyed the ‘hands-on’ approach of the class, and I really felt a sense of community and teamwork, and I was able to connect with wonderful people too.



-Maria Anselmo
Holisitic Health Coach

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